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Be ready for America's roads

JMP Driving & Traffic School is a leading driving school in Miami, Florida. We have provided driving instruction for an extensive number of years. We strive hard to offer clients high standards of driving courses as our mission is to promote safe driving. Our mission is to make every driver aware of safety, and to be courteous.

All our instructors are highly qualified, patient and they all make their driving lessons enjoyable and yet educative. By joining our driving courses you are going to develop the needed self-confidence, to learn to respect driving laws so that you would take good care of yourself and of your passengers. We focus on car control, how to drive safely in extreme weather situations, and how to avoid driving accidents. You have the opportunity to join a drug and alcohol course, and online classes. As we understand how you might be constrained in a tight schedule, we offer you the advantage to come and pick you up and to drop you off for your driving lesson at your preferred location.